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Lens Materials
Lens Styles
Lens Coatings
Learn about the different lens materials and how they can make your lenses thinner, lighter and safer! Learn about the different lens styles available! From Single Vision, and Multifocals to today’s new Progressive Lenses! Coatings can help stop scratches or let you see up to 18% more light, detail and give you truer colors! Learn about the different frame materials used today!

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Optical Lins
Life Styles
Mission Statement
Need an eye exam or an adjustment? Find a doctor or optical shop in your area and get directions. Want more detail on lenses, frames, or optics? Follow these links to our suppliers and trade organizations. Work, sports, hobbies… They all have different optical solutions! Find the solutions to your eyeglass needs here! Learn about the principles guiding Sutherlin Optical.

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A Glossary of Optical Terminology and Abbreviations!