New Products

Essential Blue Series


Essilor of America is excited to announce the launch of Essential Blue Series™ (EBS) lenses, expanding the availability of Harmful Blue Light protection to ensure that everyone has access to the best vision possible, while helping to protect sight well into the future. Essential Blue Series lenses offer Essilor’s best combination of indoor Harmful Blue Light protection and superior clarity in one lens. Essential Blue Series is comprised of two technologies: Smart Blue Filter™ (SBF) and Blue Capture™ (BC). Smart Blue Filter is the technology behind Varilux® and Eyezen™+ lenses, and Blue Capture is the blue protection technology used to create single vision and non-Varilux progressive lenses. The launch of Essential Blue Series provides ECPs with the ability to offer Harmful Blue Light protection to every patient. See our Educational Videos page for an informative video on this exciting new product line and our Resource Library for sales and technical information.

Ultimate Lens Package


Introducing Essilor’s Ultimate Lens Package, combining the most advanced lens technologies together in a single lens. There are two packages available, one designed for your single vision patient and another for your progressive patient. The single vision package includes Eyezen+, Crizal Sapphire® 360° UV, and Transitions® Signature VII. The progressive package includes Varilux® X Series™, Crizal Sapphire 360° UV, and Transitions Signature VII. The Ultimate Lens Package will both help simplify your dispensing and give your patients their best vision. Visit the New Products 2017 folder in our Document Center for more information. Available to order now.



New Varilux X Series lenses deliver all the benefits of Varilux S Series™: Sharp vision, Smoother transitions, Elimination of “off-balance” feeling, but with a new benefit—Xtend™ Technology; extending the wearer’s vision within arm’s reach. Tested on thousands of wearers in 19 wearer studies, 7 out of 10 consumers preferred Varilux X Series over Varilux S Series. Visit the New Products 2017 folder in our Document Center for more information. Available to order now.