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Essilor's Next Gen Promotion


The highly anticipated Essilor Next Gen Promo is here. This is an excellent opportunity to reward your patients with the very best in eyewear!

How It Works?
Running from July 10, 2019 through December 31, 2019 the Next Gen Offer will reward patients with a bonus pair of lenses when purchasing a pair of Transitions GEN 8 lenses with any Crizal coating.

The Requirements Are Simple:
-First pair must be a Single Vision, Eyezen+ or Varilux X with Transitions Signature 8 and any Crizal coating.

-The free clear pair must be any Single Vision, Eyezen+ or Varilux X lens with Crizal coating and requires the purchase of a frame.

-The promotion also give the patient an option to upgrade the second pair to a Transitions 8, Transitions Style Mirrors or Xperio UV pair for only $50!

-The Qualifying and Bonus pair must be for the same patient, purchased on the same day from the same lab.

-”Essilor Next Gen” must be entered into the special instructions for both the Qualifying and Bonus pair when ordering.

-Managed Care orders are eligible for the promotion but must be used as the Qualifying pair.

-Cannot be used with any other Essilor promotions.

How To Enroll?
Each practice location must enroll. To enroll go to Use your existing credentials (same site used for ULP and Pair 50) or create a new login to sign in and enroll for the promotion. Additionally, ECPs registered on EssilorPRO® can enroll there instead of
using the Partnership Rewards Portal. For more questions go to

Visit to read and review the promotion’s FAQ. Don’t forget to get your practice enrolled today as
the Essilor Next Gen Promo kicks off July 10!


Shamir Autograph Intelligence


Launching October 1st, Shamir has
announced their most advanced design to date, the Shamir Autograph Intelligence. Harnessing today’s cutting-edge technologies including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), The Autograph Intelligence is a lens design that optimally matches the wearer’s visual needs and visual age.

In research leading up to the Autograph Intelligence, Shamir examined the visual behavior and preferences of presbyopes of all ages by taking into account their Visual Age. Visual Age refers to the physiological age of the eye and is generally correlated with the patient’s chronological age. Shamir then analyzed visual behavior including the different visual zones and their frequency of use by presbyopes between the ages of 40 and 80. Here’s what they learned:

-Young presbyopes need a good solution for digital reading and support for dynamic vision. Near vision has lower priority, due to reading mainly on digital devices.
-Moderate presbyopes demonstrate more balanced needs. All vision zones hold more or less equal importance.
-Advanced presbyopes need a good solution for far and near vision, while frequent switching of zones and digital reading are a lower priority.

To create the Autograph Intelligence, Shamir took their proven technologies; IntelliCorridor, As-Worn Quadro, Natural Posture and Close-Up and added thee new technologies:
-Eye-Point AI: Utilizing Head Eye Integrative Movement software, Shamir can now see exactly where in the lens patients actually look while performing specific tasks.
-Continuous Design Technology: This technology integrates research findings with patient habits and visual needs to provide a smooth, seamless lens design concept for every Visual Age.
-Shamir Visual AI Engine: By applying elements of AI that mimic human intelligence, the design engine is able to make go/no-go decisions based on predefined rules. This ensures uniform and controlled planning for any combination of parameters with extreme accuracy for new lens designs.

The culmination of Shamir’s research and technology is a design that gives wearers a lens that is customized to their visual age and habits creating a more user friendly design in all areas of the lens.

Finally, Sutherlin Optical is proud to be one of the first labs in the country to produce the Autograph Intelligence in house with our state-of-the-art digital surfacing line.


Kodak Unique DRO & Unique DRO HD


Kodak announces the release of Kodak Unique DRO (Dynamic Reading Optimization™). Unique DRO improves the overall optical performance of the progressive lens while significantly reducing
oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area. The best performance in each viewing zone is reached by localizing the necessary adjustments. To better target the needed
corrections for each viewing area, software splits the lens into three areas: distance, intermediate and near. Once individual
viewing areas are adjusted, the three areas are merged back to create a highly-optimized viewing experience. This technology greatly reduces off-axis viewing, allowing the eyes
to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.

The result is a lens with a 54% reduction in oblique astigmatic errors in the reading zone and a 17% increase in effective reading area over Kodak Unique.

The Kodak Unique DRO HD Lens builds on this technology by incorporating custom fit measurements. When glasses are worn, the way the frames sit on the patient’s face can
dramatically alter the viewing experience through the prescribed powers. With Kodak Unique DRO HD Lens, the patient’s individual wearing measurements are taken into consideration to calculate a compensated lens design which has been optimized for that individual patient.

Additional measurements include warp angle, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance. The compensated prescription also includes a
variable near inset designed to pinpoint the patient’s optimum reading area.

The Unique DRO deigns also making dispensing a breeze as the lens comes in six different corridor lengths and over 60+
material and photochromic combinations making it one of the widest progressive availabilities on the market.


Essential Blue Series


Essilor of America is excited to announce the launch of Essential Blue Series™ (EBS) lenses, expanding the availability of Harmful Blue Light protection to ensure that everyone has access to the best vision possible, while helping to protect sight well into the future. Essential Blue Series lenses offer Essilor’s best combination of indoor Harmful Blue Light protection and superior clarity in one lens.
Essential Blue Series is comprised of two technologies: Smart Blue Filter™ (SBF) and Blue Capture™ (BC). Smart Blue Filter is the technology behind Varilux® and Eyezen™+ lenses, and Blue Capture is the blue protection technology used to create single vision and non-Varilux progressive lenses. The launch of Essential Blue Series provides ECPs with the ability to offer Harmful Blue Light protection to every patient.
See our Educational Videos page for an informative video on this exciting new product line and our Resource Library for sales and technical information.

Ultimate Lens Package


Introducing Essilor’s Ultimate Lens Package, combining the most advanced lens technologies together in a single lens. There are two packages available, one designed for your single vision patient and another for your progressive patient. The single vision package includes Eyezen+, Crizal Sapphire® 360° UV, and Transitions® Signature VII. The progressive package includes Varilux® X Series™, Crizal Sapphire 360° UV, and Transitions Signature VII. The Ultimate Lens Package will both help simplify your dispensing and give your patients their best vision. Visit the New Products 2017 folder in our Document Center for more information. Available to order now.



New Varilux X Series lenses deliver all the benefits of Varilux S Series™: Sharp vision, Smoother transitions, Elimination of “off-balance” feeling, but with a new benefit—Xtend™ Technology; extending the wearer’s vision within arm’s reach. Tested on thousands of wearers in 19 wearer studies, 7 out of 10 consumers preferred Varilux X Series over Varilux S Series. Visit the New Products 2017 folder in our Document Center for more information. Available to order now.